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 Where are the lights and shadows
12.07.2018 06:05

A lot of memories, trance is only yesterday, actually separated for a long time, thinking of someone, a period of the past, as if a movie, vividly. That familiar voice, it seems, can be touched by a gentle hand, the story of the first meeting, no matter how many years, is still clearly remembered. Therefore, in the leisure days, eager to meet in a place, tell some rain or shine round missing gossip, say a few of their good wishes.

How many times have we been lost and come back, and then we start to fear meeting people who have had a lot to do with our lives. Not meet, live in the memory is like, still at the beginning of the youthful innocence, although still had much childlike, let a lot of strange ideas full of mind, to do with how much all kinds of dreams. Or light makeup, or colourful wipe, had not been so good, only sigh "meet only at the beginning, look back need not be deep feeling".

Junior school, separation is just a short holiday, don't meet each other, so short of time, also can not afford time to change a person how much appearance, since the also don't know to cherish, seems to be the so-called vicissitudes, separation is next to the stadium, however, that the patches of he flower, blooming season in one year, always in its open season. Those feelings, like a story scattered in the wind Aqua Peel, are too light to be touched, only to understand later, some missed, has been a lifetime. Even if occasionally meet, you are not the girl with a ponytail and naive, and I will not stay in the same place.

The world is impermanent, who can lead the days of such pure flawless, with a simple heart, look at the cycle of seasons. We thought for the simplest has, however, over time, forget what you desire, whether has past, the heart of had pledged not to fall, look at the world indifference, how many waves to can not stand any longer. Only, on a sunset night, gently shake the tired face of the mirror. How many times, insincere, how many past, has become a story.

In fact, if each other forget, ever not a relief, a simple meet Serviced apartment Central, separation again, won't produce how many helpless sigh with emotion, but free after dinner sit, and most of those embarrassing, occasionally to wet the eyes. However, no one will deliberately remember, nor will ask, a cup of tea and a meal, has been the best reunion, no one to sigh, not many stories can be collected.

The most afraid can not be retrieved, but still remember so many trivial things, do not see each other, just in the drizzle warm day, send greetings, do not disturb, do not mention the past. Remember only those who remember in the heart of the past, without the vicissitudes of life, there is not so much shocking heart. But, the picture that meets again, all will not be like the person's wish, even if sedulous disguise, after all still entered the eye, entered the heart. I can no longer think that nothing has ever happened, even a simple greeting, I don't know what words to start with.

If possible, we can only meet each other quietly, not so deeply.

Shallow feelings, definitely not ruthless, not indifference, but all the things that ignore it, as the necessity of life. Do not remember the past deliberately, do not cut the relationship intentionally, that cluster and scatter the boundary, must be arranged in the dark, no matter how struggling, but ultimately escape each other's fate.

It is hard for anyone to know exactly how much weight one person, in the heart of another, holds. Therefore, we don't need to express our feelings so thoroughly. We just need to show our true self to another person when we meet. Some fate, even if can pursue, can only be in a hurry after all, some meet each other, namely can fill each other missing time, in the sea of people again, to find the lost beauty.

However, as to who can adjust mood, without any expression can be blessing, a deeply nostalgic people, blessing soul with the dream does not forget fellow serviced apartments hong kong, from now on will never care about her emotions. A person, do not choose to forget or can forget, do not choose to leave, can say goodbye to the past completely, otherwise cannot put down, and have to give up, just leave a city, a person. The familiar grass, trees, bricks and stones, as if every place that has been passed by, are magic and deeply intertwined.

However, the passing time has buried the past in the old dream. No matter how I miss it, how I feel, how I miss it, I can't go back after all. And give each other up, seized in the most bitter way, meet again, say goodbye, the story in my heart, let rain wet, let time erosion, perhaps, the memories fall to the ground to take root, grow is no longer the regret, but he who sees through to fate.

Stories of the reunion at random, quietly and farewell, standing in front of the window after the rain, fold a paper cranes, full of yearning, let it fly over mountains and plains in the wind and rain, falling in the dream of her have a rest, historical picture scroll to relax, forget the past, to collect in the rain, dripping into the most beautiful encounter in life.






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