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 Life is a university
12.07.2018 05:52

The college entrance examination is over, and soon, many students will enter the university hall and start the best chapter in their life. And the biggest regret of my life is that I can't go to college like them and sit in the classroom and listen to teachers.

I was admitted to luoyang third normal school in 1987. When I graduated, I was assigned to teach at a central primary school in the town. Here, I met two elderly people, and I benefited a lot from listening to their life education story. They are as plain as a blade of grass in the mountains. They keep their feet on the ground, work hard and study hard. They told me that to teach children some of the book knowledge, can deal with, but to be a responsible good teacher to the student, must have a wide range of knowledge, let students learn knowledge outside books, is the fundamental of becoming a teacher.

Their actions, like lighthouses, guide me. In the future work, it has become my primary task to constantly improve myself. Besides subscribing to education teaching magazine at my own expense and reading a wide range of books, I did not forget to improve my academic degree. I applied for the self-study examination of college degree. I never give up the spring and autumn exams twice a year. At that time, the child was still young. Every night, it was the child who went to sleep. Some people say I am asking for pain, but I don't think so. Since I am asking for pain, I will turn bitter into sweet and really learn something. Four years later, I got a college degree.

But I was not satisfied. I began to take the undergraduate self-study exam. At that time, I was teaching junior high school and working harder. In order to review, I get up on time at 4 o 'clock in the morning and stay up until 12 o 'clock in the evening. The resident students in my class are also competing with me to see who works the hardest. Four years later, I received an undergraduate degree in Chinese language and literature.

Thanks to these experiences, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge, accumulated solid thoughts, blossomed spiritual garden, and become more adept in teaching. Although I didn't go to college, life is a university. As long as I keep striving, the road will always extend under my feet






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