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 Spend time with someone
17.05.2018 05:08

A person's time, also can live very well, like a cloud of leisurely, like the clear water, as soft as the breeze, like flowers quietly elegant fragrance, like quiet night just as gentle and peaceful.


One morning, as the first ray of dawn sun slowly spilled into the window of the moment, open your eyes, feel the peace of the morning, enjoy the warm sun into the heart of the warm, open new and beautiful day trip.


Open the door gently, welcome the sunlight into the room, let the warm sunshine into the room, the warm and harmonious atmosphere overflow the heart.

Conveniently put on a pair of lightweight and comfortable shoes, stepping the scroll in the early morning the first drop of dew rhyme, quietly walking along the country road, with the blossom inspring the morning dew glittering and translucent, lightly with the morning after. Quietly feel the joy of awakening in time, and gently feel the poetry of the smoke.

It turns out that a person's time can be so warm and pleasant.


A person's afternoon, along the long river embankment walk, the breeze on the face, long hair elegant. Look at the shining, the sun gently pour across the river, a little bit of gold on the lake jump, the sparkle. A group of shrimps lurking in the grass of the river were chasing and frolicking like a group of carefree young children. The small fish at the bottom of the river spit out a string of bubbles, like a bubble match. On the bottom of a clear river lie many stones of different sizes, a large stone under a large hand, and a big crab squatting there, looking forward, what is it expecting?


SHH! Don't worry, see? A tiny little crab, small enough to have a thumb, was creeping slowly out of the stone. It is no wonder that mother crab's eyes are so loving, it is to look forward to the beloved baby bravely stepping out of the home, towards the outside world.


Walking slowly to the dam on the dam, leaning against the stone slabs to sit down, looking out, a blue water from the top down, trickling, flow. The white clouds in the sky, the trees on the hill race against the river, paint a beautiful landscape painting. A kingfisher swooped down, crossed the river in a hurry, started a circle of ripples, disturbed the landscape of the river, and broke the tranquility of the river.

Ear, the dam on the water, with the sound of a going, sing a song, song, pour down from the dam, splash splashing patches of white, on the Banks of the long connection into a one meter high waterfall water, it looks good. With the interest, take out the mobile phone, click a few shots, engraved the unique beautiful moment.

It turns out that a person's time can be so beautiful and quiet.


One person's evening, move a bamboo chair to put on the balcony, sit on bamboo chair, look at sunset glow sky, reflect red opposite hill point. Until nightfall, a wisp of twilight since the rise of the sky quietly, the roof of the village has wisps smoke curled up on the straight, to meet the rays of evening to float to the sky, until with be in harmony are an organic whole, regardless of each other. The path at the bottom of the building began to stir.

A group of flowers, graceful and graceful, wearing the village lane, the direction of the home. Eye with the duck's turned the corner, is between the floating, and heard a burst of "ga ga ga" sound, looked inside, the three little goose walk with measured steps, mighty came along, like soldiers in drills JunZi loud and grand, the look they that perky strong, is to think of myself has become a general.

Suddenly, walking in the last big white goose gives a sharp and frightened of the strange cry, originally a big yellow dog to run into, frighten big white goose to be frightened to be pale, suddenly chaos military posture.

The big yellow dog that ran up and down ran to the front of the big white goose, and turned and squatted in the middle of the road, as if to say, "see, that's the real thing!" The big white geese had long since lost their swagger and saw the big yellow dog blocking the way. After the last master shouted a few words, still did not work, picked up a small stone, threw to the big yellow dog, frightened the big yellow dog quickly up, turned around, ran away. The great white goose, under the protection of its master, resumed its military posture, valiantly and vigorously advancing.

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