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 A pot of weak tea will keep you fit for middle age
19.09.2018 05:00

Autumn in southern hunan always comes later. After the beginning of autumn, it was still over thirty-five degrees. It was going to be white dew, the air was suddenly cool, and the shadow of summer was hazy. What's so good about autumn? In my opinion, the sky is not only high and crisp, but also calm and quiet. Leaves in the yellow, Indus do not decline, grass and trees know autumn has spirit, but we? Impetuous people to this season, should become quiet?

The creator is very mysterious. Nature has four seasons and the sequence of the twenty-four solar terms. Human life also has four seasons: childhood, youth, middle age and old age. Childhood is full of spring, youth is warm summer, middle age is quiet autumn, old age is the winter of twilight. The only difference is that the four seasons have reincarnation and life cannot be reincarnated. The ancients said, at thirty, at forty, at fifty. Forty years old is a barrier in life. In my opinion, childhood is like a nutritious breakfast, youth is like a Chinese meal with various flavors, and middle age is like a pot of light and steady afternoon tea. The journey of life is a one-way road that can't be returned. When you are in your forties and fifties, the afternoon sun is setting slowly like a forest of yellow leaves, beautiful and ethereal. We savor this pot of afternoon tea, is "life must be happy, do not make gold bottle empty to the month", or "life is not satisfied with the world, the Ming dynasty distributed and boat," depending on everyone's mood.

Since I entered my forties, I have become more quiet and less sociable. Single-minded work,Flooded Water Cooled Screw Chiller dedicated to the literature, evening alone in the lake, the holiday with a few friends to play,Serviced Apartment HK can decline the social contact as far as possible not to participate, can be away from the lively efforts to do not mix, a variety of literary activities basically do not participate, unwittingly fade out of the literary world. Once in a while, I would sit under the willows by the west lake in the sunny afternoon and look back on the road I have passed. I would have tasted the bitterness and suffered the wave of the wind. I do not deny that I have loved vanity, cared about fame, cared about duty, hated the envy of others, and even irritated the ingratitude of others, and cared about the criticism behind others. All this, in retrospect, was a passing fad. Into middle age, this pot of afternoon tea slowly drink calm, once brave brave, soaring ambitions, frustration, all into the cup of weak tea. No matter what you gain or lose, no matter what you win or lose, no matter what you love or hate, you will no longer control your emotions. "Zhuangzi zhibeiyou" one article said: "life between heaven and earth, if the white horse gap, suddenly just." It is only seventy or eighty years, more than a hundred years, for a man to be born, to be a toddler, to go to school, to start a family and a career. Compared to the vastness of the universe, the long human history, we are really small, like an ant. If so, why bother about the things outside?

Middle age, this pot of afternoon tea, with a charming fragrance. Middle age is the most attractive stage for a man. Middle age is a golden age for writers to write, to be experienced, energetic and passionate. Looking back on the course of struggle, this pot of tea, taste too much bitterness, taste too much regret, more is content. As the child of a poor peasant family, a waif who had not graduated from junior high school, I could become a public official, a writer in people's eyes. Of course, I have no reason to be self-satisfied. After all, when I was young, I took too many detours and wasted too much time. Even in literature, though I have published millions of words and eight or nine books, I have not produced any that have made a splash at home or abroad. I have never regretted choosing the path of literature in this life. To do what I like is to be happy. This year, in particular, I was sent by the organization with a task force to help the poor in remote towns and live long in the countryside, away from the noise of the city. After visiting poor families, I often choose the afternoon time to sit in the library of the farmer's house in the village of daozi. While reading the classics, I drink tea while sitting on this pot of afternoon tea.

Middle age is afternoon tea, tea becomes calm and gentle. People become more calm, rational and thoughtful, but the spirit is still there. Like to travel, but also the most homesick home. I am used to being lonely, reading books and enjoying the company of like-minded friends. Life is too short to enjoy. "Drink to be a song, life geometry"? Don't wait for the sunset, to regret the wasted years. Someone asked me, <hong kong business registration so obsessed with writing, do not feel tired? Today, I want to tell the reader that literary creation is not as hard as you might imagine. On the contrary, what literature brings to me is endless happiness. It is happiness to be published, to be immersed in the novel world under my pen. I never force myself to write anything, always start writing when inspiration comes, play happily without inspiration, and sip tea quietly without passion. Do not care about other people's evaluation, do not care about whether or not to become a family, I handwritten my heart, the pursuit of spiritual world is the enrichment of happiness.

There will always be some helplessness, even 40 years old, pick up this pot of afternoon tea, still will drink some confusion. I wonder why the society behind me is so noisy, and why the society in which I live is becoming increasingly restless. Perplexity in reading less and less, gambling more and more, love more and more false, friendship more and more thin. Everything depends on relationships, paving the way depends on money, talented leaders are not valued, do not know how to be good at drilling upward. Values are radically changed and many people lack the right beliefs. Love view completely subverted, twentysomething girls, dismissive to the youth of the same age, prefer to marry the rich sophomore 30 years, again, do second wives are willing. The old man and the young wife became a beautiful scene in the street, and the polygamy became a undercurrent of marriage. What's going on in society? I cannot change, except sigh and sigh, worry and worry, for the future of the country, for the fate of the nation.


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 Year - old chongyang and today chongyang
08.11.2018 06:06

In the early morning, a mobile phone message, I wake up from sleep. Open the message to see, is a friend sent the chongyang festival blessing, this is a happy morning chongyang festival. The friend's blessing language is also very interesting, that is li hongzhang's a pair of couplet, the top of the couplet is: enjoy qing fu is not the official, as long as the purse has money, cang has rice, stomach has poetry book, is the prime minister in the mountains; The next couplet was: qi shou years do not need to take medicine, I hope that the body without illness, worry-free heart, door no creditor, can be a god on the earth. Horizontal batch is: everyday happy. Yes, life is easy, everyday happiness is fundamental.

At this time, chairman MAO's first words adopted mulberry • chongyang: "life is not easy old, year by year chongyang, today chongyang, battlefield yellow flowers are particularly fragrant. The annual autumn breeze is strong, is not spring light, win like spring light, liaokui jiangtianli frost." And echo in my heart. The aftertaste of life, a kind of indescribable feeling welled up in my mind, is to sigh for life a moment, or is the joy started a leisurely life? In a word, the five tastes are mixed.

Double ninth festival is a traditional Chinese festival for the elderly, respect for the elderly is a must, the festival is set down by the law chiller system design, but how many people in the mind impression, and for it into action? I read an article a few days ago, saying that our generation is the last one that can fulfill its filial duty in China. Although not entirely correct, but it also revealed a social phenomenon, we later generations, it really has been a lack of respect, filial responsibility, especially those that are only children, because in spoil the atmosphere at an early age growing up, is old and small, in his (her) the subconscious, is people worship him (her), thinking is just not in his (her) develop in respect of liability. I was filled with sorrow.

The first thing I did after breakfast was to visit my 89-year-old mother. Although there is no such concept of double ninth festival in my mother's mind, and I never care about whether children visit her on any holiday, I still want to give my mother a blessing on this important day.

Mother was glad to see me coming. My mother is in good health, still able to take care of herself, and properly in the garden looking for vegetables, although every time I go to see my mother doing some chores, I always pretend to be angry, do not let her do these, afraid she accidentally fell down. However, my mother always told me that she was ok every time. She had a deep heart. In fact, I was very happy to see my mother in such a state.

Sometimes, my mother saw that my wife and I were in poor health, either this pain or that pain, she also told us that she was not painful except for the high point of blood medicine. Next we paid our mother a compliment Ultra V Lift, saying we could not catch up with her and make her happy.

Every time I came home, my mother "reported" to me, she did not want anything, do not let me buy this to buy that, and opened the refrigerator let me see that full of things, which children to buy this, which children to buy that, speaking of accidents are the children's satisfaction, the face also brimming with happiness. In fact, as long as we treat mother a little good, mother will be satisfied, I have heard her mother that many times to say: ah! Live a few more years! In fact, the more mom did this, the more we felt that we were not doing enough, and sometimes filled with remorse.

There are not many customs here on the double ninth festival. Double ninth festival, climb the sun, we here is the plain, no mountains, neither climb high, nor plug zhuyu. A few years ago, when her mother is very good, she can take her mother around her hometown and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the golden autumn. There is no decay or sorrow in the golden autumn of our hometown. Some are full of harvest and joy. This season, farmers are busy harvest, in the past are artificial rice harvest, a busy is a autumn. In the past, there was a saying that "the busiest is always during the last three autumn". Now it is not so. Harvest, water conservancy projects, etc., are all mechanized. The rice harvesters running in the rice field have become a beautiful scenery of golden autumn home.

The various trees on both sides of the road master of orthopaedics hong kong, at this time yellow, red, brown color of the leaves are blooming autumn colors, colorful, autumn this giant painting, harmony of the strong and clear, such as autumn leaves ah! Can not take mother to go around, can only tell mother about the outside world!

Autumn, is not just like an old man carrying mature, bearing fruits? Although has arrived the life is late, but is still so spirit, so strong. She shed spring's infantility, shed summer's lead, the most wonderful moment, blooming in the world, blooming in the sun and the moon shuttle time, "not spring, like spring, liaokuo jiangtian frost."

The west wind after the double ninth festival is tight, at this time is the best time of life, I wish all the world, cherish the autumn of life, live out the wonderful life.



 I like the spring wind
08.11.2018 04:58

I like the spring wind, the spring wind blowing green treetops, blowing green grass, blowing rivers, blowing apricot blossom.

I like the snowflakes in winter, especially when I open the door in the foggy morning. I watch the children rolling in the snow, making snowmen and having snowball fights.
I like leaves, either way, I like them. I like the maple leaves, the round sycamore leaves, and the fan-shaped ginkgo leaves. I also like the unknown leaves, which look like a small fan, or a small palm, lacy, and red, so dazzling. Yellow, so bright and warm; Red and yellow, like a ripe fruit; I feel they have the same equal beauty, the same power of beauty that stirs the heart and touches the heart.

I like listening to the rain, like to sit by the window listening to the rain, drizzle drop and drop on the eaves, like a symphony of rain. I had thought that a few people had heard of it and seen it, and perhaps very few people were watching them quietly, and they were still there, floating and unfettered. Perhaps, we should have the same feelings to life, free and heroic. I like this feeling, always listen to the sound of dripping water, in the boundless wilderness of time, what a wonderful it is to get carried away!
I also like walking, especially in the early morning. I can't stop myself from listening to the birds singing. It's like walking into a fairyland on earth. It naturally occurred to me that a few men had walked along the road, and had trodden upon it; perhaps they had all passed, and their steps had been softly dispersed by the wind. But all these, all by the person that has a heart to cherish with affection.

I like to be in a daze, no matter when, in class, when playing games, when the key moment, when playing games...
I also like to play games, no matter what games, I remember one time after school, I played too late, even forgot to go home.
I like the world, the beauty and purity of the world.



 Manage your life
29.09.2018 05:42

Every time I went home, I would read my diary. This time, it was from 2007 to 2008, when I was a freshman.

Today I read a sentence: "every good man has a time of silence. That period of time, is paid a lot of efforts to endure loneliness and loneliness, do not complain about the pain, when talking about the future, even themselves can be touched by the day." I feel my life flows to now, have a lot of such time, junior three, senior two to walk before, still have whole freshman. In the second semester of freshman year, I made great efforts in preparing for the fourth year of junior college, memorizing the new concept text, and preparing for the fourth term. At that time, there was no love, no complaints, the whole day settled in their lives.

A few days ago, I had dinner with my cousin. The 30-year-old was under pressure from all sides. He had no marriage partner,Wine Education his job was unstable, and he was forced to compare with other people's children. I said, brother, you have to manage your own life, others will want to get close to you.

One Christmas I made a wish that the one who loved me would not be lonely and the one I loved would love me. In the middle years, I have been pursuing and refusing, gradually finding that there is no need to be arrogant, no need to be arrogant, no need to be arrogant, no need to be humble, no need to be humble, no need to be dependent, no need to be jealous, just in this way, I will meet the destined person, even if I did not meet, I am worthy of myself, at least I am living seriously.

When you are confident, you will be at peace. Before, always feel oneself not quite beautiful, figure is not quite good, always inferiority before beauty. Later, gradually look thin, can not change, Adrian Cheng time is not able to stay, why the need to be demanding, the stomach has poetry and book gas from China. On one occasion, he was the interpreter of the patriotic assembly, a school with over 500 American children and over 80 Chinese children, as well as leaders, parents and teachers.

After the next session, everyone came to me and said, "you are so brilliant. "a little girl came by and softly said, "you're pretty." I said THX with a smile, thinking that it would be nice to be praised like that. That girl's comment was at least truer than many of the compliments I heard.

In high school, a friend said that the anxiety before exams all stems from the fear of the test results, do not think about the results, as long as efforts, the best results. Since then, every time I pray before an exam or important event, I only pray for god to give me the result I deserve. For English, I'm a constant speed. Now more and more busy, also more and more no quiet mass of self-study, but I'm glad that some very good habit so far, have been back a few minutes the words every day, every day to see a yahoo news, listen to a TED talk every week, interpreting practice regularly, read widely, not understand noun must come back down to baidu, so what exam or problems, think about your coming so that nothing terrible. I didn't try harder when others were trying to study for exams, but I didn't feel empty when others were playing.

Only the heart is strong enough to see clearly, to choose well. I thought I was lucky enough to catch the opportunity. But also because many things get too simple, there is always a feeling of insecurity. Mang said it's because we're all the people who took the short cut. But he was always ready to go back and be a miserable little programmer and write code all day, Brushless DC Motor and I was also ready to do 50 translations per thousand words or go to an unknown education organization to talk about new concepts.

When I was young, I could not sleep or eat, but now I live cautiously like an old man who is afraid of death. Eat breakfast carefully, try to eat more than 15 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day, eat coarse grain and animal liver regularly, do not sleep late, do not get angry, after a meal, half a year do physical examination. Sister Lin is lovely, but I don't want to die just because someone hurts me. It is only by living well that one knows what he has missed and what he has lost.

If we meet at our brightest moments, it's good because we know we love someone who deserves to be loved and who is capable of running their own lives. If we meet in the most awkward time, it is also good, because we know that we love a strong person, even if the setback, can help each other. I just hope I can always be quiet enough to accept all the good and bad things god has given me. Only in peace can we live seriously. Only the girl who lives seriously can we be loved and loved by god.


 Milk's time
29.09.2018 05:08

I will never forget the past life, which is engraved in my childhood dark memories, but grandpa's bowl of fresh milk, like the warm light of dispelling the cold night, lighting the dim lights, comforting my young heart..

As a child, parents to pay the mortgage, life is very light and hard. The best nutrition at home is a bowl of fresh milk prepared by my parents for my grandpa every morning. When I was young, I suddenly became greedy and wanted to have a share of the delicious drink. But my parents always rejected my appeal

I always nod my head vaguely after hearing my parents' explanation. When my parents leave the house, I will steal the sweet hot milk from the bowl and return to the house after a while. Dozens of recurring days and nights passed until the night of thunderstorms.

Boundless darkness, why do parents still not come back? I curled up tight in the quilt, flashing and tearing the sky, and the shrill thunder made me run into grandpa's room, as if grasping at a straw.

Grandpa saw me coming and smiled kindly. He slowly put down the book and closed the reading glasses box. When I came to him, he got out of bed and took a warm place for me. I was stunned by the harsh look in my parents' eyes and the tone of refusal. However, the desire for milk, covered all this, I could not help but swallow saliva. Grandpa didn't say anything, went to the kitchen to warm a bowl of milk for me, this warm milk in the warm yellow light, warm as jade, floating light jump gold, just diffuse in the air of the fragrance of milk to increase my appetite, I was excited to take over, after swallowed all the still do not want to lick the milk stuck on the fingers. My grandpa's face lit up with joy when he saw my lovely gesture.

From then on, when the thunderstorm came, I looked forward to the night, because at this time, I had reason to be alone with grandpa, so that I could taste the delicious food that grandpa had saved. When I was young, I did not know that this bowl of milk, carrying the daily nutrition of grandpa, for his recovery is greatly helpful, but every rainy night, give me the most affectionate warmth. After this, whenever I drink fresh milk, I can't help but remember my grandfather's face and voice. This bowl of fresh milk carries the feeling, the full-bodied as if does not melt.

Grandpa, I want to drink again, even if only once, I also want to drink a bowl of fresh milk you saved for my suffering.

Oh, the milk of time!


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